Fitness gadgets – making your life easier

Fitness gadgets – making your life easier


Posted by: The personal injury help and advice team

According to this article by Verywell, one of the top reasons people don’t enjoy exercise is because it’s uncomfortable. Sweating, heart racing, hair in your face, itchy – it’s generally not very glamorous putting your body through a workout especially if you’re recovering from, or are living with, an injury. Another top reason is boredom, which is why you’ll find your jog goes quicker with your music in and headband on. However, from activity trackers to waterproof headphones, there is no doubt fitness gadgets are becoming smarter, smaller and more stylish.

If you’re exercising with an injury and need to keep an eye on vital stats such as your heart rate, fitness trackers are a really convenient piece of equipment as they enable you to monitor your progress, without being distracted. Trackers such as the FitBit Alta (HR) monitor your hear rate, count calories, count steps and the device connects to your smartphone, all while being worn as a lightweight watch. It is literally a case of checking your vital stats during a mind-clearing exercise. You can also buy alternative strap colours for those who like to coordinate with their gym kit!

There are lots of different exercise aids on the market today which support you in making some of those tedious workouts easier. Take swimming for example – a popular method of rehabilitation after injury. However it can become boring, which is where the Sony Waterproof MP3 comes in – allowing you to listen to all your favourite tracks while in the water (or on the beach!) and keeping you entertained long enough to tally up those lengths.

Another ‘game changer’ is the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball. A Bluetooth enabled football featuring integrated sensor technology to tell you ‘everything you need to know about your kick.’ The Smart Ball records and analyses data on how hard the ball has been kicked, while also detecting the speed, spin, strike and flight path data. The information is instantly stored in the app on your smartphone, so you can monitor your performance during and after a kick about.

If you’re really looking to step it up a gear, Finnish sports technology company Myontec have produced the first ever digital monitoring product in clothing. The Mbody Bike & Run Product Kit is designed with cyclists/duathletes/triathletes in mind and enables the measurement and analysis of muscle performance through a pair of special adapted cycle shorts. The pricey piece of kit combines the muscle data with other performance related parameters such as speed, pace and movement providing comprehensive exercise and performance analysis.

Fitness technology opportunities are endless and they’re only growing in availability and affordability. So if you need a little help with training after injury, there is sure to be a device out there to support you, whatever your workout ‘go-to.’

Header image: Sony WS620 Series waterproof Walkman

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