Fitness apps to keep you on track

Fitness apps to keep you on track


Posted by: The personal injury help and advice team

It’s often easier to find the motivation to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle if you have a goal or important reason to, whether that’s to improve poor health (physically and mentally), build strength post-surgery, lose or put on weight or just work on self-confidence. And, thanks to the world of technology, support can be found at the click of a button from the comfort of your own home. There are hundreds of sports and fitness apps designed to help keep your goals on track and support your healthy and active lifestyle – here are just a few of our favourites…

Cardio is the best method of exercise to burn fat quickly and release endorphins. Get moving with Zumba Dance, a fun party style workout, by following the steps on the app.

Prefer the fresh air? Couch to 5k is the perfect running app for beginners. The eight-week programme encourages you to alternate between running and walking until you’ve built up enough stamina to run 5k.

If you want to mix up your cardio, try Daily Cardio Workout, the home fitness trainer that supports you through ten of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Sworkit’s customisable app offers over 50 body weight workouts including yoga, stretch and abs, to ensure you don’t lose interest or motivation.

If your aim is to build muscle, Freeletics Bodyweight incorporates a ‘no equipment needed’ training programme you can adapt to your schedule, fitness level and goals.

Daily Ab Workout is an easy-to-use, free to download app that’s ideal for building core strength. Featuring ab workout videos by a certified personal trainer, the app allows you to easily follow and understand each exercise.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be fast paced! Pocket Yoga is the perfect guide to practise anytime, anywhere. The app enables you to choose between different sessions, durations and difficulty levels, whatever your skill level, time and availability.

My Fitness Pal is a really helpful app if you’re trying to lose or put on weight.  The calorie counter acts as a food and exercise diary, tracking your progress and advising what food group you need more or less of, depending on your goal, by producing a number of reports and stats.

Alongside health and fitness, there are also a number of apps to help with injury recovery. Pocket Physio is a guide to some of the physiotherapy exercises you can do to prepare for or recover from surgery. It also includes advice on hip precautions, breathing exercises, self-assessment, managing pain and walking with a frame or crutches.

Physical therapy exercise videos are available with Pain Therapy. The app includes over 40 high-quality exercise and stretching demonstration videos performed by a qualified physical therapist. The videos are organised by pain issue, anatomy, and exercise equipment and demonstrate stretching techniques and exercises that physical therapists often prescribe to treat many pain-related and injury recovery issues.

Please remember to consult your doctor or health professional before embarking on any new exercise regime.


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