Creative recovery

Creative recovery


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Living with a personal injury can affect life in many different ways, but these inspirational men and women have found a creative way to start a new and influential life.

Jordan Bone

In 2016 beauty vlogger, Jordan Bone, challenged the internet to apply makeup without using their fingers and #TheJordanHandChallenge was born. The challenge went viral with many people filming themselves using their mouth to position makeup brushes in their hands before attempting to apply foundation, mascara and the likes, without the use of fingers.

Jordan, a makeup artist, beauty vlogger and motivational speaker, was involved in a life-changing car accident in 2005 which caused her to become quadriplegic, meaning she was paralysed from the chest down. After her injury, Jordan suffered with depression before finding solace in meditation. She then decided to launch a YouTube channel for motivational makeup tutorials and created a blog in 2013. Nowadays, YouTube is her full time job; with more than 200,000 subscribers and over 143,000 followers on Instagram, Jordan is a viral sensation.

In an interview with Spinal Injuries Association, Jordan explained some of the challenges she faced after her injury: “I hated having to have carers and people weren’t as supportive as they were when I was in hospital so I felt quite lonely”. But vlogging helped Jordan to overcome challenges and gave her a purpose. Jordan busied herself creating and editing videos, thinking of new content and as a result has worked with well-known beauty brands such as Urban Decay and Illamasqua.

Rob Maddison

Musician Rob Maddison was diagnosed with a rare spinal tumour which severely impacted his capabilities. Determined not to let this stop him, Rob continued to pursue a career in music, travelling the world playing gigs and has since started working with music charity, Attitude is Everything who champion the right for deaf and disabled people’s access to music.

When our personal injury help and advice team spoke to Rob, he described his recovery as ongoing and explained the toughest challenge was dealing with the psychological effects of the trauma surrounding such a drastic life event. The spinal tumour crushed his spinal cord and Rob had to adapt to playing drums without the use of his legs: “I had a friend who was an orchestral percussionist and that gave me the idea of using multiple sticks in each hand so I could cover the same amount of beats that I would normally be playing with my legs.”

Rob quickly realised that roughly 80% of music venues were inaccessible to him and he was having to be carried up and down stairs every time he played a gig. This motivated Rob to contact Attitude is Everything and as a result, was asked to play a stage at world-famous music festival Glastonbury.

Henry Fraser

Henry is a former rugby player and now mouth artist. Having shattered his spine during a diving accident on holiday, Henry became paralysed from the shoulders down at age 17. Henry has discussed his injury in great depths on social media and explains without the illness, he would never have rediscovered his love for drawing, painting and creating: “adversity has given me a gift”.

Posting videos of all aspects of his daily life – painting with his mouth, exercising the muscles he still has use of, and using hands-free social media – Henry’s uplifting posts speak about injury in an honest and inspirational way.

Henry has exhibited work at events and sells original pieces of art over on his website where he says “the subjects of my work consist of those who have inspired me for a long time, those who have played big parts in my life over the last six years, those that have inspired me more recently and some are pieces that I have been very proud to be commissioned to create.”

Heather Mills

After losing her leg in 1993, media personality, business woman and activist Heather Mills shot into the public eye for her tireless campaigning and charity work. When talking to Personal Truths, Mills explained how her road traffic accident brought her into the attention of the public eye which led her to believe her destiny was to help war torn amputees and raise awareness of the horrors of landmines.

In doing so Heather helped to raise more than $18.5 million between the years 2000 and 2016 for the Adopt-A-Minefield charity as well as supporting many other charities and organisations that she holds close to her heart such as VIVA, Retreat Animal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary.

“I currently fund nine countries in poverty stricken areas with prosthetic limb assistance. Being healthy is the number one goal in life, so I’m currently working on offering the world meat, dairy and fish free substitutes. I own one the largest vegan food manufacturing companies in the world, VBites. We export to 27 countries and have over 74 products in our range” she tells Personal Truths.


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