Confidence and courage

Confidence and courage


Posted by: The personal injury help and advice team

Do you hold your head up high or hang it in fear or shame? Does the thought of social situations fill you with dread or leave you feeling excited? Do you miss out on activities you once loved to do because the idea seems out of reach? Sometimes a personal injury can knock our confidence and change how we once were.

Confidence is a funny thing, you either have it in a situation or you don’t. Confidence means feeling successful in what you’re doing and it can often give you the courage to make difficult decisions and take action.

Confidence doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, you have to build it, work on it and create your own positivity. These tips can help you build up your self-confidence and live life to the full by taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Tip #1 Think positive

“I think, therefore I am.” Squash negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. If you tell yourself you’ll never be healthier, better, fitter, you’re tricking your mind into accepting that, and you’re more likely to lose motivation. If you transform these thoughts into positive goals – you WILL be better, fitter, healthier – then you’re channeling the energy and motivation positively to work on those things.

Tip #2 Dress for success

The clothes we wear can change our mood instantly, so if we dress good, we feel good. If you’re in need of a confidence boost for an interview, try to plan your outfit ahead of time to reduce the morning stress of deciding what to wear. Dressing smart will help you to feel smart and give you the confidence you need to walk into that interview feeling successful!

Tip #3 Fake it till’ you make it

Smile and the whole world smiles back! Did you know smiling reduces wariness and bad feeling? If we try to smile more, it will automatically make us feel happier in ourselves and you’ll notice people will smile back with you – it’s contagious! It’s easy to walk around with a glum expression on our faces but actually, it’s scientifically proven to be less effort to smile than frown. This is because people tend to smile more so the muscles we use are in better shape!

Tip #4 Compliments lead to confidence

Have you ever dismissed a compliment aimed your way? It’s more than likely that you have, so next time, embrace the compliment! Not only will it boost your self-esteem and confidence but it’ll make you feel good. When you reject a compliment, you’re rejecting your own worth AND undermining the opinion of others – so next time, try to just say ‘thank you.’

Tip #5 Follow the yellow brick road

If confidence was a colour, it would be yellow. It’s the colour of happiness and optimism, bringing life on a dull day. So whether it’s in your nail varnish or a pair of shoes, embrace yellow and watch the sun shine all day long.

Tip #6 Face your fears

Usually, we lose our confidence because we’re afraid something will happen to us. Or maybe it’s happened to us before and we’re worried of a repeat. Completing experiences which fill us with fear gives us a greater sense of achievement, plus the confidence we need to try new things in the future. This doesn’t always mean extreme sports such as sky diving or swimming with sharks, it could simply be speaking to a person that you’ve previously been too nervous to talk to, asking for help or starting a class by yourself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t necessarily wake up feeling full of confidence after performing one of our tips – but practice and self-care are vital to getting to where you want to be. If something doesn’t come naturally to you, take smaller steps and go at your own pace, don’t beat yourself up about it and learn from your mistakes.

Please note that this article was produced by The Personal Truths team as opinions and information only.

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