Boost your immune system with these foods

Boost your immune system with these foods


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Eating right is a great way to build a healthy and strong immune system, but wouldn’t you agree that we usually wait until we feel dreadful before we start incorporating ‘superfoods’ into our diet?

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to encourage our healthy eating habits all year round and not just when flu season is around the corner. That’s why the team at Personal Truths have researched the best immune system boosting foods to share with you. Eating the right foods can help your physical, mental and even emotional state, so you really ARE what you eat!


Did you know, your body doesn’t produce or store vitamin C? So we need to incorporate this into our diet daily for continued good health. Why not add a squeeze of lemon onto your salmon or lime onto your fish tacos? Infuse a chilled jug of water with slices of orange and grapefruit to give it a summery twist.

Red pepper

The list of foods rich in vitamin C doesn’t finish there; red bell peppers contain twice as much vitamin C and they’re also a source of beta carotene. Beta carotene has been shown in some studies to slow cognitive decline. The beauty of the red bell pepper is its versatility, it can be eaten as a snack with some hummus, roasted inside a toasted ciabatta and of course eaten raw in salads or lightly fried and served in fajitas.


Ginger is known to help decrease inflammation and chronic pain and even ease symptoms of a sore throat! The ingredient, which can be found in sweet desserts such as ice cream, flapjack and cheesecake, is becoming more and more popular.


It’s an obvious one but still deserves a place on our list; broccoli is packed full with vitamins A, C and E, minerals, many other antioxidants and fibre. However, many people aren’t aware that the secret to keeping the vegetable at its most powerful is to cook it as little as possible. All of its goodness is in the crunch, so try to cook it less to seal in the benefits.


Turmeric is 2018’s food craze; you’ve probably seen it feature in many weird and wonderful ways, and not just as the key ingredient to your Friday night curry recipe. Why not throw a teaspoon into your homemade soup to give it some colour and help decrease exercise-induced muscle damage? The spice has also been used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis!

Sunflower seeds

Stock up on sunflower seeds because they are FULL of nutrients. Incredibly high in vitamin E, just a quarter cup of sunflower seeds carries 82% of the daily recommended amount. Sunflower seeds contain plenty of vitamin B-6 which helps your body deal with stress and plays a key role in keeping the brain and nervous system functioning properly. Sprinkle a handful on your salad or bake them into cranberry and coconut energy bars!

By supporting our diet with immune system boosting foods, we can help to heal ourselves and live longer, stronger, healthier lives.

To find out more about superfoods read our article here and find out what the NHS is saying about superfoods here!

Please note that this article was produced by The Personal Truths team as information only and should not be regarded as advice.

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