Being involved in an accident can be very distressing for everyone involved and the recovery process doesn’t always end when the visible injuries have healed.

As well as affecting you physically, an accident involving a personal injury may take its toll on your family, working and social life and you might find doing some things you once loved more of a challenge. If it was a family member or friend who was involved in an accident, you may be unsure how to support them through their recovery – sometimes just finding the right words to say can be difficult.

As well as documenting real people’s journeys through personal injury, the aim of personaltruths.co.uk is to be an independent source of information for anyone who is unsure where to turn after an accident. The site features informative articles, blogs and expert opinions on everything from health and lifestyle topics, to finance advice and understanding legal jargon.

The site also encourages users to share their own experiences, revealing the real truths about experiencing a personal injury – from the emotional impact to the unexpected physical challenges and the everyday worries around paying bills and returning to work. The site also contains a noticeboard to enable users to share local recommendations and useful support contacts.

And, if you would like to share your own experience through a personal injury with us, you can connect with us directly, because you don’t have to face your recovery alone.

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